Our Code of Ethics

Novotny’s  Estate Sales & Liquidation Services are “Accredited Estate Liquidators.”

As a proud member of the The American Society of Estate Liquidators® (ASEL®), we abide by, observe and are dedicated to the following principles and policies:


Section One: Duties to the Client and to the Public

    • (Article 1) HONEST and FAIR REPRESENTATION – To honestly and fairly represent his/her professional competency, qualifications, facilities,
      and capabilities and not to exaggerate or misrepresent such qualifications in advertising, resumes, or while soliciting clients.
    • (Article 2) CONFIDENTIALITY – To keep confidential any private and/or personal information with respect to a client and individuals affiliated with the client
      and not disclose such information to any third party.
    • (Article 3) ACCEPTANCE OF ASSIGNMENT/QUALIFICATIONS – To accept assignments and give advice or opinions that are only within the scope
      of the estate liquidation process, unless the Associate is professionally qualified to do otherwise or is willing to take steps to see that the necessary
      research is done to execute the assignment knowledgeably.
    • (Article 4) AVAILABILITY – To make himself/herself reasonably available during all stages of the estate liquidation process.
    • (Article 5) DUE DILIGENCE – To take the steps reasonably necessary to determine a fair liquidation value on personal property to be sold.
    • (Article 6) FEES – To charge a fee based on a fair value for his/her services rendered
    • (Article 7) QUALITY REFERRAL RESOURCE – To recommend or suggest other resources, referrals, services, etc., knowing they will provide
      quality assistance to my clients.
    • (Article 8) ACCOUNTABILITY – To be responsible and accountable for errors on my behalf or the on the behalf of the company’s employees.
      To correct and make right quickly and emphatically.
    • (Article 9) EXPECTATIONS – To ensure that expectations are clearly communicated in the form of a contract or documentation in writing in which
      both parties are in full understanding and agreement.
    • (Article 10) HONESTY – To present a true picture of capabilities and client personal property in advertising and promotion regarding abilities and/or value.


Section Two: Duties to the Profession

  • (Article 1) TRUSTWORTHINESS – To be honest and trustworthy at all times and not to be a party to any fraudulent, dishonest, or malicious acts.
  • (Article 2) PROFESSIONALISM – To conduct herself/himself in a professional and impartial manner at all times in connection with estate liquidation.
  • (Article 3) CONFLICT OF INTEREST – To avoid situations which represent a conflict of interest.
  • (Article 4) FIDELITY – To honor your commitments and promises, including our responsibility of trust in a professional relationship.
  • (Article 5) TAXES – To comply with all state and federal tax laws (sales and business tax) where applicable.
  • (Article 6) EDUCATION – To attend continuing education, industry conferences/events, local classes, etc, to add to my repertoire of skills to
    improve myself and better serve my clients.
  • (Article 7) ENCOURAGEMENT – To always promote and encourage professional behavior and ethics for not only myself but for my colleagues.
  • (Article 8) NON-MALEFICENCE – To avoid any actions that cause harm or discredit to the estate sales profession.


This Code helps to support the mission of ASEL®, which is to be an affordable, educational and resource network for individuals seeking to provide estate liquidation services under the highest standards of practice.

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